Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A little something about me...


Okay, so who the heck am I? Good question!

My real name is Chris. I am a 23 year old journalism graduate student at the University of Illinois. My passions include politics, sports and journalism. Most of my posts will be in some way related to this somewhat ecclectic mix. But in addition to passions, we all also have obligations. This blog was actually created out of one such obligation: my journalism editing class.

Throughout the year I will be writing about the following topics:

> Issues being discussed in my editing class. This might sound boring. But it hopefully won't be. Our professor seems to have a way of making editing interesting, which is going to be essential considering that this is an 8 a.m. class...

> Stories that I am covering for my Reporting II Class. In-depth reporting on local government and what they are doing to combat the recession. Hopefully some of these stories will be published, in which case I'll provide links to them. If they aren't published, I will put them up myself on my own website. That site needs a little cleaning up, however, so we'll link to that later...

> Topics being discussed in my Issues in Journalism class. Only if I find them particularly striking or thought provoking.

> Projects and stories for my multimedia class. Again, the aim will be to get some of these published professionally, but failing that they will still be put up on my website.

> Random thoughts about recent news. Most often this will be about politics as that is my realm of familiarity. I am fairly knowledgeable of East Asian politics in particular, so hopefully this will be something that others find discussion-worthy as well.

> Time permitting, sports commentary. I am a passionate Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, and college football/basketball fan.

I know that's a lot to write about, but I might as well enjoy the freedom of graduate school before I settle down and get a job working on something specific. That said, I look forward to making this a place for intelligent discussion of all of these topics, and hopefully the wide variety will catch people's interests!

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